Whole Body Vibration Quiz

Questions you should know the answers before choosing a Whole Body Vibration (WBV) machine.
These questions have no hidden agenda and are designed to help you along your quest.
Ant information submitted is not shared with anyone else. Check the answers that apply most to your current situation so you can be a step closer to know what you are looking for?

Our primary objective is to help you pick out a machine based on your Physical need and your financial ability.

Make sure you read the glossary of terms on our website before you take the Quiz!

My experience with WBV:

  1. Used them before but don’t remember the brand
  2. Used them before but looking for something better
  3. Saw them advertised but never used one
  4. I have been hearing about them and love to learn more

My feeling while looking for a whole body vibration machine:

  1. I never knew about it before, I am excited to know more
  2. I am excited because Whole Body Vibration machines seem to be effective
  3. I want to make sure that I will get the best one for the best price
  4. I am confused; I see contradictions with the same product with different brands
  5. I am confused; I see so many brands and their salesman are so aggressive.
  6. I am upset; I found the same WBV machine that I was about to buy with different
  7. I am upset; I found the salesman to be unprofessional and lack of knowledge also he was lying about the ability and the power of their imported Chinese machine.
  8. I am outraged; Who are the real manufacturers, the origin of their product and not just importers pretending?
  9. It's almost hopeless, I am sick of Internet marketing with their fault presentations.
  10. I am ready to give up on a good subject unless I find the real good WBV machine Now!

Interest in an WBV machine mainly for:

  1. The total benefits we may get from Whole Body Vibration machines
  2. Because of health reasons
  3. To help in pain relief
  4. For skin care
  5. To help in weight loss
  6. For exercise training time saver
  7. To help with detoxification
  8. To offer as a part of my business
  9. Someone I know that is enjoying it, so I want one too

Level of Vibrational Effectiveness Wanted:

  1. Extremely powerful for commercial Gym use
  2. Extremely powerful for athletic use
  3. Powerful for light commercial use
  4. Most effective for best results and benefits
  5. Some effectiveness and benefits but mostly for home use
  6. I don't care; I just want one for the best price I can get because they are popular

Whole Body Vibration Brand name and origin:

  1. I want a USA  made machine only!
  2. I want a USA made lineal machine only! The same Technologies as used by NASA in their Spacecraft for help building up the astronaut's bone density!
  3. I want a WBV machine with private label.
  4. I don't care for quality if it was made in China, Korea or Taiwan. The lowest price is my priority.

WBV Manufacturing Origin:

  1. I prefer made in U.S.
  2. I prefer made in China
  3. I prefer made in Taiwan
  4. I prefer made in Korea
  5. I don't care as long as I am looking for the cheapest!

Voltage and Amperage for the Electrical Outlet:

  1. 110-115 Volts AC/15 Amps
  2. 220-240 Volts AC/20 Amps

When shopping for the right machine always consider:

  1. What is your height?
  2. Weight?

Frame Structure Wanted:

  1. Solid American steel with lifetime warranty
  2. Tin
  3. Plastics / Polycarbonate, fiberglass, etc...
  4. The strongest available
  5. I don't care; the cheaper the better

Component Lifespan Wanted:

  1. I would like a machine that will last throughout my ownership
  2. I would probably buy another WBV machine later on if I buy a cheap one first

WBV Assembly Requirements:

  1. I want a machine that comes to my door and is fully assembled
  2. I want a machine that is not complicated to assemble
  3. I plan to hire someone to help me assemble it if it is difficult
  4. I don't care as long as I save and get support in case of a missing part

Looks versus Performance:

  1. Looks and performance are very important to me
  2. Performance is more important than looks
  3. Looks are more important than performance
  4. I don't care as long as I save

Pricing of Whole Body Vibration machine:

  1. I want the best money can buy for quality, looks and performance as long as it is reasonably priced
  2. I want to get a price quote for custom size Platform as per my design.
  3. I will sacrifice only bells and whistles, I don't need for a good price
  4. The lowest price is the best for me as long as I can upgrade to a bigger machine within one year.


  1. I want to start selling WBV machines and needs help
  2. I would like to open a vibrating Gym and need help
  3. I just would like to buy one machine with my set budget
  4. I am a health professional and need help in choosing the right machine
  5. I am a Physical therapist and help in choosing the right machine.
  6. I am a professional trainer and need help in choosing the right machine
  7. I have my own a Spa and would like to add this exciting machine to increase my income but need help in choosing the right machine

Which vibration plate company interested you the most?

  1. I have narrowed it down to......and need comparison to know which is better?
  2. There are so many of them and need help in choosing the right one.
  3. None yet but maybe later on, after studying about the difference a little more.
  4. The one that appears to me the best for the price is....

If buying from the source at a non-inflated price, which price range fits you best?

  1. $2000 or under for entry level Residential
  2. $2000 to $3000 Residential
  3. $3000 to $5000 Top Residential/Entry Commercial
  4. $5000 to $7500 Commercial
  5. $7500 to $11000 Heavy Duty Commercial
  6. $11000+ Extra Heavy Duty Commerical 24 hour gym

Which WBV theory agreed with you the most?

  1. Pivot (oscilating, Teeter totter)
  2. Tri-Planar
  3. Linear (up and down)
  4. Not sure, confused I need more explanation about the differences

What would be the selling point for you?

  1. I want to know that the company is at least 10 years in the manufacturing of WBV machines and at least as long doing business in the USA.
  2. I want a company that will be behind their warranty commitment.
  3. I want a company that will support me with instructions and exercise programs after the purchase. A company that will be there for me after the purchase as long as I need them until I can be on my own.
  4. I want to see that WBV lineal machines are endorsed by Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Professional Athletes, Gyms and the general public 
  5. I want to see that the company does not find an excuse to raise the price by charging extra for the accessories.
  6. I want to be sure that the Vibrating Platform does not contain magnetic fields or RF Produced by heavy magnets or by the AC imported motors. I know that uncontrolled magnetic fields may cause damage to the bones.
  7. I want to feel that I got the best machine for the best price by comparing to others.
  8. I will rather buy a machine factory direct and talk to any of their principals Versus buying from a salesman that only cares about his commissions
  9. I don't care for any of the above as long as I buy at a discounted price

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