History W.B.V.

Whole Body Vibration Technology is supported by over 40 years of scientific research, originating with the Soviet Union’s Space Program.

How it Works

Our platforms are calibrated to produce precise vibrations. When standing on the platform, vibrational energy is transferred through the entire body.

Medical Rehab

HyperGravity platforms provide an extraordinary amount of benefits that positively impact physical health. The medical benefits and advantages of vibration therapy, as testified by medical professionals are tremendous.

Active Aging

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) exercise using the HyperGravity Fit n’ Flex can help even frailer senior citizens improve their range of motion, muscle strength, and coordination.

Health & Fitness

Our users can see improved results from the exact same workout routine by simply adding the benefits of the HyperGravity vibration platform to their workout regimen.

Athletic Performance

Enhance your strength, improve your agility, balance, coordination, and flexibility by adding the whole body vibration to your workout.