The History

Whole Body Vibration

Whole Body Vibration Technology is supported by over 40 years of scientific research, originating with the Soviet Union’s Space Program. In fact, it has paved the way for the technology to be applied to the field of health and fitness.

Russian scientists discovered that cosmonauts who spent extended amounts of time in space had experienced significant loss in bone density and muscle tissue due to the lack of gravity. In an effort to reduce this loss, Russian researchers began to experiment with Whole Body Vibration technology. They found that by using this equipment they not only stopped the side-effects of space travel, but amazingly they increased bone density and strengthened muscle tissue.

Using Whole Body Vibration technology, the Russians were able to set a record of more than 420 days in outer space. The Americans training on conventional fitness equipment were forced to cease their mission after just 120 days due to bone and muscle degeneration. It wasn’t until after the fall of the Iron Curtain that Whole Body Vibration technology found its way to other countries. Today NASA, along with health and fitness experts across America are fully embracing Whole Body Vibration technology which other countries have been using for decades with much success.

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